To remember what you deserve, it takes letting go of the things that you were settling for

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Icon Aug 15, 2021

To realize what we are capable of, it takes losing.

Sometimes it takes heartbreak to realize the love we desire.

It takes falling in love with the wrong person for us to realize who is right for us.

To realize that what we wanted and needed was not what it was, we have to let go of what we have. To realize we can do better, it takes losing some things. We are destined to achieve greater things. We are meant to be with people who are better than us. We don’t deserve pain. We don’t deserve pain. We don’t deserve to be satisfied.

Many things in life force us to settle for what we don’t deserve. It could be loneliness, or a lack in self-love, or peer pressure, or family traditions. There are many things we don’t realize we do, but we are conditioned to do them.

This is why it’s the best wake up call. It is the first step in your journey to transform your life. It is the beginning of self-awareness. You will begin to listen to your inner voice and unlearn all that you have been taught.

To find yourself, you must lose people.

Sometimes we eat lies just to satisfy our hunger. We believe that the best things are the mediocre. People who don’t respect our opinions are held on to. We tell ourselves all the lies and then we hide the truth. We don’t want another month or year. We don’t want a fresh start.We become so focused on what we want, that we forget what we have.

Sometimes we spend our lives fighting against people who hurt us or disappoint us. We fight for those who won’t fight for our rights. Because we fear we won’t ever feel that same feeling, chemistry or vibe again, we fight for those who break our hearts. It’s only when we fight to let go that we realize how much more you deserve. You deserve better. You deserve someone who won’t break your heart or call it love.

Although it took me several years to overcome certain losses in my past, when I look back now, every loss has brought me closer to myself. Every loss taught me the truth of who I was. Every loss taught me there is more to be gained.

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