Slowly, I am learning that I don’t have to react to everything that bothers me.

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Icon Aug 15, 2021

Slowly, I am learning that I don’t have to hurt the people who hurt me. Perhaps walking away from people who hurt me is the best sign of maturity.

Slowly, I am realizing that the energy you expend to react to every negative thing in your life drains you and prevents you from seeing the good things. I am slowly realizing that I will not be everyone’s cup, and that I won’t always be able get people to treat me the same way. That’s OK. It is a wasteful effort to win everyone and it leaves you empty.

Slowly, I am learning that I don’t need to react in order to be okay with the situation. It just means that I choose not to. I am choosing to learn from the lessons it taught me.I choose to be a bigger person. Because that’s all I really need, I choose my peace of mind. I don’t need more drama. I don’t need anyone making me feel inferior. I don’t need arguments, fights, or fake connections. Slowly, I am learning that not saying anything at all is sometimes the best thing.Everything.

Slowly, I am learning that reacting to situations that upset you gives someone else control over your emotions.While you cannot control what other people do, you can control your response, how you handle it, and how it is perceived. You also have the ability to decide how much of it you take personally. These situations don’t reveal much about you, but they do reveal a lot about others. Slowly, I am learning that all of these disappointments can be used to teach us to love ourselves. This will give us the strength and shield against those who would try to take us down. They will save us from people who try to destroy our confidence or make us feel worthless.

Slowly, I am learning that no matter how I react, it doesn’t change anything. It won’t make people love me or respect me. It won’t suddenly change their minds.Sometimes, it is better to let things be. Don’t try to get closure. Slowly, I am learning that living a happy and fulfilled life means that you do not focus on the things around you. Instead, you should be focusing on what is happening within you. You can improve your self-esteem and inner peace, and you will soon realize that you are the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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