How to Make a Cheap and Easy Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket

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Icon Jul 19, 2021

Gift baskets will always be popular and a great idea to give as a gift. People love to receive gift baskets. Making your own chocolate lover’s gift basket is cheap and easy.

You can fill it with a variety of inexpensive items and there are lots of choices.ou can easily customize each chocolate theme gift basket to your recipient.

I’ve put together a few great ideas for making a chocolate lover’s gift basket, complete with instructions on how to make them. You can make inexpensive gift baskets or expensive gift baskets depending on your budget.

First make a list of your recipient’s hobbies and interests. List everything you can think of.

Suggestions: sports, books, television shows, in-house hobbies, outdoor recreation, camping, workshop, enjoy working with tools, golf, fishing, computer-related, environment friendly, golf, and tennis.

Also relaxation, food, wine, spa, bath and body, fruit, cookie, crafts, gardening, etc. You can tie in any interests into your chocolate theme. These are just a few ideas.

You can find many inexpensive items for use in making your gift baskets or filling your gift baskets, at ‘dollar’ stores, craft stores, discount outlets, flea markets, close-out stores, etc.

For gift containers you can use: any type of basket, wicker basket, straw basket, bucket, laundry basket, plastic container, toy dump truck or other large toy truck, purse, tin, Christmas tin, seasonal container, large tea pot, large upside-down hat, or plastic storage container-put lid underneath.

Other items might be: extra-large coffee mug, boot, potted plant holder, wire basket, large pasta bowl, large popcorn bowl, cooking pot, clay pot, tackle box, colander, small wagon, skillet, antique trunk, champagne bucket, hamper, Asian-style trunk or picnic basket.

For gift basket liner you can use: tissue paper, shredded paper, shredded newspaper, tea towels, dish towels, hand towels, kitchen towels, colored towels, colored napkins, placemats, diapers, baby blankets or fabric pieces.

For gift basket filler you can use: shredded yellow or white paper, straw, Easter basket grass, crumpled newspaper comics, a bed of wrapped chocolates, a pair of Christmas bird towels, homemade chocolate eggs or flowers, feed for pets, etc.

For items in the container it’ll depend on the specialty or theme of the gift basket – in this case Chocolate! With chocolate it’s best not to include any fragrant items, unless they are wrapped in such a way that they don’t give off any fragrance. Here’s a small random sampling to give you some good ideas:

Gift certificate for massage or spa visit, gift certificate to favorite store, gift certificate for restaurant, loofah, CD of nature sounds, favorite artist CD, DVD of newer release movie, how-to video or CD, handwritten poem, watch, homemade chocolate mix, homemade chocolate cake, homemade brownie mix, and homemade party plans.

Also flavored candles, sachets, and small gift packs of seasoning can be used as flavoring.

Also add items that are unique and seasonal. Since I’m living in Mexico, I’ll be using locally grown cherries, apricots, and peppers. If the gift recipient is a coffee drinker, adding a gourmet coffee mix is a great way to go.

Take your coffee-lovers friend, date, or lover and throw together a coffee basket. Coffee baskets are always a great idea.

Chocolate- Actually I’m not surprised at this one,Trader Joe’sis on the list because they are famous for their chocolate chip cookies. In fact, if you go to almost any grocery store you will find a whole section of chocolate chip cookies! This will make for a great and healthy gift.

physicians usually recommend keeping dark leafy vegetables and herbs fresh so you will have a continuous source of antioxidants.

Be creative with the choices of food and make sure you personalize it to the recipient. In my case my wife and I designed a special veggie tray that we bring to meetings.

All you need to do is decide on a theme and then plan the foods in advance. You can see example’s here.

The important thing to keep in mind is not to overwhelm them with a strange looking entree. Be sure to pay attention to the details andPersonalizeIt’s only fun to eat when you are having fun.

Coffee is potentially confusing. Part of the confusion is due to the many terms. Although some terms are obvious, others may be a bit more subtle.

Here’s a sampling of some of the terms around coffee.

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