Cosmic Yoga


We are doing yoga as a means of personal development, consciousness expansion, and connection through communication. Our yoga forms a dialogue with the arts, music, and healthy lifestyle choices of nourishing food and a DIY (do-it-yourself) ethic. Our values are contextualized by a global awareness of mass injustice and oppression and an increasingly toxic earth home. Yoga is tied to everything that we do, in each action we aim to be free.


We see yoga as: an art form of personal transformation, a psychedelic expansion, a system of purification, medicinal, a methodology for the treatment of dis/ease, a divine intoxicant, a way to relieve stress, to take rest, to relax, a technique to achieve peace.

We also see yoga as a gift: teachings and practices to be given away. Yogis must be empowered by their practice. As a set of spiritual survival tools, yogis learn a variety of techniques to remain grounded and loving in times of stress, chaos, and change – and in all times, to be who they are, more often may our actions and beings may reflect our true nature.

Historically, yoga is a system that arose in the east and has been used non-exclusively by hindus, buddhists, taoists, and other spiritualists. Yoga is inherently “open source”. It can be used by anyone, for any purpose, and it can and should be re-contextualized and re-imagined so as to match the needs and desires of its practitioners.

Yoga is not about you or me, but about us. We do not find the concept of guru or enlightened master to be beneficial, unless it is the guru (higher self) that resides in your own heart, as essential being-ness. All knowledge and truth resides within the cellular levels of the body/mind/self. Nonetheless, we acknowledge and honor those who have made the personal sacrifice discovering and sharing their truth with our fellow beings for the benefit of all.

From these ideas, beliefs, and systems we seek integration, harmony; to revel in what has been made beautiful by the power of love and courage.

As ambassadors of the Nu Age we seek to take full responsibility for the current state of the world. In our personal lives we seek to destroy the boundaries, structures, status quo, ego-walls, etc. that perpetuate alienation and division of our human and living family. We encourage mindfulness, loving attention, and communication. In the community and global setting we seek to build and endorse sustainable, inclusive systems for food, clothing, shelter & other commodities.

We are all breathing the same air, drinking the same water, and living on the same land, and it is our collective responsibility to care for it.