Special Vinyasa Class with Amy Jenkins

We’re having a special vinyasa class with beautiful goddess & BAC co-founder Amy Jenkins tomorrow on December 10th at noon.

Don’t miss it. More on Amy here:


Hi! I’m Amy Jenkins, an exuberant dreamer who thrives on community. I am an original Co- Creator of the Body Actualized Center as well as an Artist, Sexological Healer & Yoga Instructor. Self expression and imagination are staples in my free flowing, vinyasa classes. Spontaneous and full of variety, my class offers an experience to go past the mind and into a deeper state of spiritual body awareness. I’ve created a hybrid combination of Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama and Kundalini styles for a class that will keep you committed to your practice and in love with your self.
I am grateful to be alive and to walk a path of light & dark. I trust the Spirit to guide me to my highest integrity and saturate everything I do with light. It is my intention that every one in my presence be illuminated by endless possibility, overflowing love and infinite compassion. Thank You for listening and allowing me to share myself with you!