Our Mission

Body Actualized is a Brooklyn based organization dedicated to raising human consciousness by supporting the creative artist within. It seeks to provide opportunities for healthy living choices, for artistic involvement, to provide education and guidance, and to create, nurture, and maintain a community of individuals committed to mindful living, creative exploration, and spiritual growth.

Our Vision

The Body Actualized Center for Cosmic Living aims to be a safe space for questioning and expanding on one’s creative source. We do this by offering yoga, musical experiences, and creative avenues for communing with sacred knowledge.

A space where ideas may become actualized. A space where mind and body work as one to manifest collective dreams. The BAC provides a platform for healers, teachers, creators and dreamers to develop and share with a large network of people from all backgrounds, ages, and genres. The end goal being to share the secrets of the Universe so that we all may stand together in awe of our greater connectivity.

Our Story

Body Actualized began in early 2009 in the Brooklyn community by offering yoga on rooftops and before parties, creating pop-up wellness shops in food deserts, and as an online site for healthy living with a focus on the DIY artist/musician community. Body Actualized emerged from the desire to share ways to share health and wellness within a culture riddled with self destructive influences. Since formation, we have curated events focused on the power of electronic music and dance to liberate. Dance is a form of yoga, yoga is a form of dance. These combined create a body actualized.

Healthy Hedonism is the celebration of life through body positive means. This reflects in the food we eat and the environments we inhabit. Our own brand of vibey food represents a ethos to support local, organic, and sustainably sourced food. What we all eat is directly related to our state of mind, and non-oppressive habits are always in season.

Community empowerment is the most important part of Body Actualized. Our goal is to be an inclusive, non-judgemental organization that inspires others to explore their true self/god/purpose/beliefs/idiosyncrasies. Acceptance of a person for as they are promotes self-love and self-love promotes world peace.

The Body Actualized Center

In September 2011, Body Actualized signed a lease on a 2,000 sq/ft space. We transformed the dank auto garage with the help of one expert and our group will to do it ourselves. We sourced the majority of our materials from Craigslist, including our pine wood floor. We now have the space to create our own micro-universe, to collaborate and evolve the ideas of our collective intentions.

Our Future Now

The Body Actualized Center is a space dedicated to providing classes, workshops, events, discussions, performance, art installations, screenings, dance parties, feasts, and more. All curatorial efforts have an end result in mind: to make explorations into the veil of existence, whatever that may be.

Would you like to share what texture that veil is for you? Contact us at info@bodyactualized.org

We are dedicated to building upon the worldwide community of empowered, energized and enlightened individuals, and will provide all the support necessary to that end.